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Youth, Interfaith, Environmental and Prayer

Youth development and empowerment:  In association with Franciscans in Africa we offer:
•    Capacity building on Youth in relation to Leadership and management
•    Capacity building on Youth entrepreneurship
•    Workshops and seminars on youth and politics
•    Awareness creation on truth and justice from youth perspective
•    Youth rally for peace
•    Seminars and workshops on the role of youth in ensuring peace and justice
•    Workshops and campaigns actions on HIV/AIDS /STD Treatments and Natural prevention among the youth
•    Organizing youth campaigns against tribalism and nepotism
•    Networking the youth to other organizations and agencies dealing with youth related issues such as: MINISTRY OF YOUTH AND SPORTS, YOUTH FUND PROJECTS
•    Interfaith youth forum on environment and peace

Interfaith Dialogue activities: Following our Call from our father Francis to promote active Non violence and peace among religion we promote interfaith  hold yearly Interfaith Youth forum on environment and peace.

Environmental Activties: following our mandate of promoting the integrity of creation, JPICFA in association with Franciscans in Africa through:dialogue through Talks between muslisms and other faiths
•    Seminars and workshops on environmental issues
•    Awareness on environmental preservation of natural resources as a means to ensure peace and justice in the society
•    Campaign on the availability of free clean water for all and water conservation
•    Participation forestation, reforestation activities such us tree planting campaign, river bank clean up campaigns

Prayer for peace and justice in our society: In association with Franciscans in Africa we organize for:
•    Prayer day and reflections on current issues
•    Recollections
All with aim of seeking the Divine interventions on matters affecting peaceful co-existence in our society today.
All our programs and activities are geared towards creating a united forum where the entire society is striving in all their activities to ensure a peaceful co-existence and stable developmental practices that promotes prosperity in the whole ecosystem.   All these are done within the framework of Franciscan spirituality and way of life.


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Our Core Values

  • Prayer
  • Simplicity/poverty
  • Respect
  • Animation
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

Our vision

To be a centre for advocacy, lobbying, communication cooperation and animation for the Franciscan Family in Africa, providing and forming networks within and beyond the Franciscan family in the continent. 


Our Mission

To promote joint actions on issues that are important to the Franciscans in Africa.