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On November 11, 2023 JPIC-Franciscans Franciscans Africa took part in the march that was organized by the Break Free From (BFFP) plastic movement in partnership  with ,Greenpeace ,Laudato Si movement, Fridays for future, Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network and  Ubunifu hub. Other invited organizations were Kenya inter university environmental students association(KIUESA), environmental clubs, individuals  from universities such JKUAT, Mount Kenya University, Cooperative university of Kenya, Kenyatta University and  Africa Nazarene University. The march attracted more than 500 people including delegates who  had come from different countries  to attend the Intergovernmental negotiations committee (ICN-3) in UNEP Nairobi and it aimed at raising awareness about the detrimental impacts of plastics pollution globally. 

                (Break free from plastics movement march on 11th november 2023 )

The march was seeking to highlight the pressing matter of working towards an ambitious Plastic Treaty and Plastics Production Reduction and this was by  blending creativity, Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA), and a distinct message, the march seeks to infuse artivism to inspire participants and event delegates. The march brought together people to amplify and  make a strong demand in the ongoing  Intergovernmental negotiations committee ( ICN -3), and demand world leaders develop a robust global plastic treaty. 

The march also highlighted the need to  end fossil fuels considering that most plastics are products of fossil fuels which are contributing significantly to pollution of water sources, loss of biodiversity and climate change.

(Pictured:JPIC-Franciscans Africa and Members of Laudato Si movement in  attendance 

Before March on November 10 the BFFP (Break free from plastics movement) organized a screening of the Story of Plastic at Sarakasi Dome in Nairobi which was attended by almost 200 people,The Story of Plastic which is a searing exposé that reveals the ugly truth behind plastic pollution and the false solution of plastic recycling. The Story of Plastic presents a cohesive timeline of how we got to our current global plastic pollution crisis and how the oil and gas industry has successfully manipulated the narrative around it. From the extraction of fossil fuels and plastic disposal to the global resistance fighting back, The Story of Plastic is a life-changing, Emmy Winning film depicting one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues and also climate change. 

(Break free from plastics march held on november 11th, 2023 from National museums to city in Nairobi)

(Participants of the break free from plastic march calling for reduction of plastic production and a global plastic treaty during the BFFP march)

Franciscans in Kenya Answer President's Call for National Tree Growing Day

On Monday, November 13, 2023, the President of the Republic of Kenya declared a special national holiday dedicated to tree planting, a call that resonated deeply with various groups across the country. Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof Kithure Kindiki officially announced the public holiday on November 7, 2023, aligning with the government's ambitious goal to plant 15 billion trees by 2032.

President Dr. William Samoei Ruto personally led the national tree-growing exercise in Kiu, Makindu, Makueni County, with Cabinet Secretaries set to take the lead in similar exercises across different counties. Encouraging public participation, Environment Cabinet Secretary Soipan Tuya urged Kenyans to plant at least two seedlings each during the exercise, emphasizing the use of the 'Jaza Miti' mobile application to document tree-growing activities.

The Franciscan Family Association of Kenya actively participated in environmental initiatives across various regions in the country. In Nairobi, members, including Franciscan religious brothers and sisters, along with secular Franciscans, congregated at Elizabethan Sisters in Karen. The event was supported by the Mother Earth Network in collaboration with JPIC Franciscans Africa, and hosted by Elizabethan Sisters.

(Franciscan Brothers and Sisters during the national tree planting day on november 13th ,2023 at  Elizabethan Sisters)

During the gathering, a total of 100 avocado seedlings were planted, with some planted on-site and others distributed to be planted in neighboring communities. The collaborative effort involved numerous congregations and faith movements, such as the Dimesse Sisters, Elizabethan Sisters, Little Sisters of St Joseph, Little Sisters of St Francis, OFM Brothers, Order of Secular Franciscans, Franciscan Youth, AMECEA Secretariat, and the Laudato Si’ Movement.

(Left:  Ashley Kitisya from Laudato Si movement  and Steeven Kezamutima from JPIC-FA pose for a photo during the national tree planting day. Right Miss. Ashley and Br. Herman planting an avocado seedling)

For the Little Sisters of St Joseph, the occasion coincided with a leadership reflection and transition within their congregation as they conducted their chapter meeting. To commemorate this significant moment, they planted five trees – two mangoes and three avocado trees – in the garden of the Savelberg Retreat Center Listen to Sr Rose from LSSJ

On the other side, our JPIC Franciscans Africa volunteers joined the Climate Yes movement in growing trees at Emakoko primary school in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado  county where they have set up a tree nursery with 1,500 seedlings  on october 10th 2023 and they have managed to raise more than 1000 tree seedlings of indigenous acacia and croton which  do well in the areas of kajiado county are are hoping to distribute the seedlings to the schools, churches and communities Emakoko next year. Climate Yes, which  is a youth environmental organization, has a plan to raise 20,000 seedlings every year and distribute them to local communities and learning institutions as a way of creating awareness on the need to take care of the environment and mother earth in whole.

(JPIC-FA volunteers potting acacia seedlings at Emakoko primary school climate yes kenya tree nursery during the national tree growing day)

              (JPIC-FA volunteers pose for a photo with members of climate yes kenya 

The commitment to caring for creation resonates deeply within the Franciscan charism, and the call by President Dr. William Samoi Ruto only served to reinforce what is inherently embedded in the Franciscan DNA.

The dedication to caring for creation resonates deeply within the Franciscan charism, and President Dr. William Samoi Ruto's call only served to reinforce what is inherently embedded in the Franciscan DNA.

The Kenyan Government's call held significant meaning for Franciscans, especially considering that November commemorates the declaration of our Seraphic Father St. Francis as the Patron Saint of Ecology on November 29, 1979, by Pope John Paul II.

Pope Francis, in paragraph 17 of Laudato Si, has emphasized the need for eco-conversion, stating, "The external deserts in the world are growing because the internal deserts have become so vast. …For this reason, the ecological crisis is also a summons to a profound interior conversion."

On that day, millions of trees were planted, but the connection to the gospel of creation may not have touched many hearts. Some people may plant trees merely in response to the Kenyan Government's call, without fully embracing the urgent need to respond to both the Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor.

In this context, Franciscans commenced the day with a Eucharistic mass celebration led by Fr. Carillus Onyango, an OFM friar, co-celebrated by Fr. Hermann Borg, OFM, and founder of Mother Earth Network.

During his reflection, Fr. Carillus took us back to a time of environmental harmony and connected it to the current reality of a destroyed environment with people remaining neutral and indifferent in crisis situations, emphasizing the Franciscan charism and the call to care for creation Listen to Fr Carillus Onyango.

Fr. Herman Borg provided a historical background of his journey and Faith groups, highlighting that the Faith action we witness today began many years ago. Organizations like Mother Earth Network, JPIC Franciscans Africa, Laudato Si Movement, and others are making a positive impact in various parts of Kenya  Listen to Fr Hermann Borg  .

Fr. Paul Igweta of AMECEA expressed satisfaction that, after many years, the government has responded to the call by Pope Francis and brought it to life, hoping that the spirit continues Listen to Fr Paul Igweta

Steeven Kezamutima, Programs Manager at JPIC Franciscans Africa, inspired participants with more opportunities and platforms for tree growing, emphasizing learning opportunities and incorporating climate action into religious pastoral approaches, Listen to Sr Hellen Cherop from Dimes Sisters 

   Little Sisters of St Joseph growing mangoes and avocados at during their chapter meeting 

The step taken by the Kenyan Government is appreciated. Caring for creation is not a one-day event but a continuous action involving education, adoption of eco-conversion, mentality, and lifestyle change. As the Kenyan government calls on everyone to take action, it is high time for all citizens in Kenya, Africa, and the world to realize that we are interconnected. Regardless of titles, careers, social status, wealth, or poverty, the climate crisis does not discriminate.

Pope Francis aptly expresses this interconnectedness in Laudato Si paragraph 138: "It cannot be emphasized enough how everything is interconnected. Time and space are not independent of one another, and not even atoms or subatomic particles can be considered in isolation."

Fr. Carillus, the main celebrant of the day, concludes, "Mainly we work to make God’s creation look good like it was looking on the day of creation."

It is our hope that many people in Kenya were inspired by the President's move and will continue growing trees, especially on celebration days such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, funerals, sacraments, and any family or social gathering.

               (Photos taken  on 13th november 2023 during the national tree planting /growing day)



Interfaith Youth Forum on Climate and Integral Ecology


The Office of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Franciscans Africa has hosted a whole weekend of Interfaith Youth Climate Mobilization on the 15th and 16th of September, 2023.
As we celebrate the Season of Creation from 1 September to 4 October, it was an excellent opportunity to bring together all stakeholders from Faith Based groups, especially schools and communities under the GGF program: St Michael, St Anne’s, Light Academy, Mama Africa, OLM South B, and Shauri Moyo. The two days were hosted by The Catholic University of Eastern Africa and other universities, Tangaza College, MKU, and Nazarene University.
The mobilization also saw the participation of members from different religions: Hare Krishna Temple, Bahai Temple, Harmony Institute, Mother Earth Network, Interreligious Council of Kenya, Focolare Movement, Laudato Si Movement, Green Anglican, Climate Yes and media.
On the first day, 15 September, which was attended by 600 youths, the theme of the forum was: HARMONY FOR A GREEN SUSTAINABLE WORLD: FOSSIL FUEL NON-PROLIFERATION TREATY FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE.
It was a good platform for young people to present the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty letter that they handed over to the Apostolic Nuncio to Kenya and South Sudan and the representative of the Holy See at UN-Habitat. The Treaty Initiative has garnered the support of several countries and distinguished leaders to formally call for an international mechanism that will guide the phasing out of Fossil Fuels in the world. There is a need for the Kenya government and the Vatican to lobby more governments to adopt the FFNPT. Other guests of honor were the first lady of Kajiado County and the Vice Chancellor of The Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

jpeg optimizer DSC6008 min1 min 1IMG_9710-min(1) (1).jpg

This forum included a discussion of Maasai community members from Isinya/ Olepolos, a community that has been affected by drought and hunger like many regions in Kenya. Their testimony of being victims of the current climate crisis touched young people and leaders. It confirmed that social inequality and some abandoned local communities are some factors of vulnerability to climate change impact.
Some media products are already out Younib TV.
As we celebrate the Season of Creation, the Interfaith Youth Forum was ‘an opportunity for all people of Faith to network and have a dialogue on promoting climate justice and Integral Ecology.

Global Climate Procession

IMG_9916-min (1) (1).jpg
On day 2, all our youths from Sec. schools, Universities, Laudato Si Movement, Franciscans brothers and sisters, and media gathered at Nyayo stadium to march for climate justice.
The procession on a distance of 10 km from Nyayo stadium to The Catholic University of Eastern Africa was organized in line with the Fridays for Future Movements global climate strike and the global fight to end fossil fuels fast fair, and forever that took place on diverse days between 15th and 17 th in various place of the world. They carried banners and placards with various messages on the stopEACOP campaign and campaign to stop oil and gas extraction in Virunga National Park, as well as the auctioning of 27 oil blocs and three gas blocks in DRC. Everybody chanted the message, stopping over and raising a prophetic voice; it was a good moment for people of Faith to show that as we continue supporting and praying for leaders and victims of the climate crisis, it is our mandate to amplify our voice guided by our faith and warn world leaders and oil companies that continue burning oil is against our Faith. Young people presented to us their document of Interfaith Youth Critical Analysis on the AU Nairobi declaration that was discussed during the previous forum.

It ended with a Climate Concert with Waka Waka Band, messages of encouragement and engagement on the continuation to promote renewable energy as we keep calling on all leaders in the world, especially in Africa, to stop a new Fossil Fuel project.

Sr Mary Wangare Sebastian, the Director of JPIC Franciscans Africa, appreciated all youth, guests, Franciscans and interfaith partners for making the two-day conference successful. She committed to continue leading this platform as JPIC -FA, bringing youth to follow in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi, leading more Faith action in promoting Peace, renewable energy and integral ecology.
Special thanks go to Global Green Fund and 350 Africa for supporting this climate mobilization, to the Hare Krishna Movement, Harmony Institute, Franciscans and The Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

The JPIC-FA TOT(trainer of trainers) training


The office of JPIC-FA together with the Luadato Si’ movement organized a Trainer of trainers training (TOT) as a way of celebrating the 8th anniversary of the encyclical letter Laudato Si by Pope Francis. The training brought 27 people together from different faiths and denominations  from all parts of the country including representatives from.

  1. Christian
  2. Muslim 
  3. Bahai 

The training also had members from the Catholic university especially from the Center for social justice and ethics, The laudato Si ’movement  and Justice , peace and integrity of creation, Franciscans Africa  (JPIC-FA) and Harmony institute.

 The three days training was on Right based approach, Social and climate justice, Laudato Si, catholic social teachings and Agro-ecology a training that focused on goal setting, expectations,Fears and dreams, the work of climate justice (causes and justice ), Our faith Say on Laudato Si and Catholic social teachings, personal ecological conversion and agro ecology.

  Food security was a key topic that was facilitated by Brian Odero from Haki Nawiri organization and the main areas he focused on were the  source of the food we consume, the methods involved in production, who are the  producers and the type of the food either ordinary or genetically modified (GMO). To add on he demonstrated on how to establish a carbon bed for the kitchen garden and how to control pests and diseases without the use of pesticides.

The training also provided enough time for personal connection with God and Nature as open masses were celebrated that gave people a chance to share what they learnt and their goals and resolutions after the training .

Many promised to carry on with the franciscan and Laudato Si mission of caring for the poor and the earth, Sharing the knowledge with fellow community members/ churches and families, engaging in responsible waste management, Setting kitchen gardens to address the issues of food insecurity and taking care  of the environment  by planting trees during the commissioning ceremony.Photo Ops




The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation,Franciscans Africa(JPIC-FA) is a Regional faith based organization which seeks to promote and nurture the reign of God through conscious prayer and action to transform the world in the spirit of the Gospel through lives of Justice, Peace and Care for our Common home and was established to evangelize and spread the gospel  guided by the teachings and values of St. Francis of Asisi.

JPIC-FA was caught by surprise around October 2022, when Citizen TV (one of the Kenyan leading TV station) and other local mainstream media were a wash with news of herds of cattle dying in very large numbers forcing headers to sell their animals @ 500/- each, something that was unimaginable knowing too well that at normal times, this was after a drought that affected most parts of kenya especially in the arid and semi arid areas in the counties in  northern , eastern and southern parts of kenya.

The outcry from the local communities made a team of four JPIC-FA staffs/volunteers accompanied by three SVD (Divine Word Missionaries) travel more than 60km to Isinya kajiado county where on arrival the team found the ground was rather choking, saddening and unbelievable by finding mountains of carcasses of animals heaped in different positions around the Isinya abattoir , large numbers of birds of prey feasting on the carcasses and a choking stench filling all the Isinya atmosphere and the community converging around in small groups whispering to each other filled with grief and horror for what seemed awaiting for their future.


The JPIC-FA and SVD team had carried small foodstuffs for the local community and after touring the villages led by Pastor William, they concluded that there was much needed to  help the community as nothing was left to sustain them. The drought led to family issues, migration, unemployment, school dropout, child trafficking, depression, early forced marriages and suicides and because of these challenges JPIC-FA joined hands with  other well-wishers to provide food and other basic needs including school fees to school going children of which was not enough therefore thinking of coming up with sustainable projects for the community.

 The initiative helped communities from four villages in Isinya which are Olomunyak Village, Olepolos Village, Reto Village and Ebeneza Village, the food relief program has been done several times in October and December 2022, February and April 2023 and it will continue until the communities are able to sustain themselves.

JPIC-FA is also engaging and educating the local communities on how to start and establish garden farms to help sustain them so as not only depend on livestock keeping, supporting women to venture into small businesses especially art and bead works to be able to generate income and sustain them. And as a way of combating climate change, JPIC-FA has been educating communities on the need for agro ecology, environmental conservation and tree planting.


Interfaith Youth Forum on Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty


Interfaith Youth Forum on Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

JL6 Call to COP27 for an immediate phasing out of Fossil Fuel

The people of Faith are showing their commitment to raise the voices of communities and victims of the climate crisis in Kenya and Africa.

The office of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Franciscans has gathered 600 participants from different Faiths and schools in a Conference that turned to be global due to the launching of the new Film from Vatican The Letter.

On Saturday 15Oct 2022, the Film became an excellent tool to engage with various stakeholders. Most importantly, the Member of Parliament Honorable Felix Oduor known as Jalango responded to our invitation and made a commitment to support our journey on mitigating climate change effects and give support on the Fossil Fuel Non-proliferation the Star news.


MP Felix Oduor commitment to support climate action


The famous MP  Jalango launched then the “Clean Energy School Champions  Program” Which will be conducted in  15 secondary schools and 5 Universities as pilot from 2023-2030. In Secondary Schools, it will focus on building the capacity of students on the clean energy concept, artivism, Social media Campaigns, social movement building, and clean energy innovation.  In universities, the program shall be focusing on clean energy dialogue, lobbying, and advocacy for clean energy policy.

The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty was read by two young people one being indigenous (Maasai) and another being a lady representing gender, the Treaty was presented to the guests. The MP promised further dialogue regarding our request on building a Fossil-free Kenya.


Student's engagement on Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

At the end, students raised their voices with messages on placards addressing leaders who will attend COP27. They were requesting for climate justice now and the funding loss and damage.

Some of the partners that were present are the Laudato Si Movement, Focoral Movement, Mercy Education office, Harmony Institute, Jamia Mosque, Kenya Catholic Conference of Bishops,  AMECEA, UNEP-Faith4Earth, etc. Schools were Light International Academy, Mama Africa, Huruma Girls, St Michaels, St Anne, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Tangaza University College, Africa Nazarene University, MKU, and religious people.

The conference was organized by JPIC Franciscans Africa and hosted by The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, supported by 350 Africa, and covered by Capuchin TV, KBC and TV.

You can find here the photos of the conference and the wrap-up video of the conference.






our voice to Glasgow

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-17 at 10.49.53 PM (1).jpeg image11.jpg

                                                                                  “Destroying the planet is against our religions”

In line with COP26, Laudato Si Generation members in Kenya, through the office of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Franciscans Africa (JPIC-Franciscans Africa) managed to create space for interfaith leaders and youths who did not get a chance to attend the Glasgow conference in the Uk, for them to get chance to stand in solidarity with all stakeholders who were part of Glasgow conference and also by raising the concerns and recommendations of voiceless people from grassroots. As we joined Pope Francis with other global faiths leaders who met on 4th October 2021 for

Faith and science towards COP26”, we organized two major events at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi- Kenya: An interfaith Prayer Day and Faith Art Climate workshop.

1. Interfaith Green Prayer Day Event

Prior to COP 26 on Sunday 17 October 2021, members of the Laudato Si Generation in Nairobi together with religious communities, CUEA students, and guests from different faiths gathered for climate action. It started with a Catholic Eucharistic Mass celebration inside of The Catholic University of Eastern Africa. During Mass, Faiths leaders Guest was warmly welcomed and was given enough time to address the congregation on matters related to climate issues globally and locally, the role and power of people of faith in influencing effective solution, and they appealed Kenyan Government and major financial institutions to take in consideration the demands from Faith leaders in regards with COP26. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa has a strong motivation to be the host of such climate actions, just remind that it was the first Kenyan Catholic institution if not in the whole Eastern Africa to declare divestment on 18th May 2020 through the Laudato Si Movement, GCCM at the time.

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-17 at 9.05.28 PM (44) (1).jpeg WhatsApp Image 2021-10-17 at 10.49.51 PM (1).jpeg


The key massages of the day were: Destroying the planet is against our religions and demand was an immediate end to new fossil fuel projects, deforestation, and related financing, a massive commitment to green jobs to reduce climate pollution and end poverty for millions, reparations from wealthy countries to equip vulnerable nations for a better future of Kenya.

After Mass, the faith leaders addressed a Press communique through Capuchin TV and sent a message articulated on our demand to the World leaders who attended COP26 and Kenya Government for a just and sustainable future.

The capuchin TV covered the whole event https://youtu.be/bFsDqvjIQ7g and watch the short video here

We twitted the event under hashtag #Faith4Climate, from the Vice-Chancellor of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa the Very Rev. Prof. Stephen Mbugua and we tagged all partners 

https://twitter.com/VcCuea/status/1450079978654154758?s=08 find here  Pictures of the Event.

2. Faith Art Climate Workshop

DSC_5006.JPG    DSC_4940.JPG

                                                                                                                        “ People to the front ”

On 5th Nov 2021, as the global conference was still going on we decided to remind leaders in Glasgow that we are watching them. The youth raised loudly the voices of the people emphasizing that in all discussions that took place in Glasgow conference leaders should put people to the front.  As the first event was meant for religious leaders, this one gave space to youth from different faiths to send their voice to leaders gathered in COP26.

On that day, youth spoke through art painting and drawing as well as a live concert with songs and poems. Find here link to the video of the day

Guests and stakeholders reiterated the need of our governments, major financial institutions, and church institutions to stop putting money in any fossil fuel project and invest in clean energy.


There was a live streaming of the event on Twitter with key messages and art pieces of which tagged the COP26 and partners around Kenya and the whole world. The power of art stands in hands of youth and they demonstrated that as all pledged the end of any new fossil fuel projects, so as to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

We are convinced that climate change is a moral and spiritual challenge, therefore we remain together in prayer and solidarity for a just transition from Fossil fuel finance towards clean energy investment.

Here is the link to the photos of the day

We appreciate the support from our partners 350.org, Green Faith International Network, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Harmony Institute, and Mother Earth Network. Our gratitude goes to our guests and partners from the Laudato Si Movement African office, Muslim community from the host university, G75 Green Faith circle, Interfaith youth from Mount Kenya University, Franciscans OFM Conventual brothers, Franciscans Missionaries of Mary sisters, the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya, Hare Krishna Temple, Bahai Temple, Green Anglican, Youth Network for Interreligious Brotherhood and Capuchin TV.


PHOTO-2021-11-17-16-29-39.jpg  download.png                                                                                             





On 30 June 2021, the office of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Franciscans Africa joined many other climate activists standing in solidarity with Fossil Free Virunga.

As DRC was celebrating 61st Independence, in Nairobi, our office partnered with DRC students in The Catholic University of Eastern Africa. We were also joined by Burundian and Rwandese communities who anticipated their independence one day before in order to stand in solidarity with Virunga.

img 7528 min 1 IMG_7314-min.jpg


The short documentary on Fossil free Virunga was projected to the participants and left all of them touched, inspired, and informed.

The debate after the documentary projection was interesting. The DRC community chairperson picked the aspect of human rights, sovereignty, and natural resources from the speech of Patrice Lumumba the Hero of their independence, and connected with the documentary.

Other participants made some important comments saying that even though DRC is independent there still gaps of having poor leadership, leaders who don’t give priority to local communities when it comes to public resources.

The DRC students plus students from other countries at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa were amazed by the advocacy done by the young climate activists in DRC…Judith Zawadi and Antoine Ngola Saintex.



People from Burundi and Rwanda acknowledged that the fight for Fossil Free in Virunga is a regional fight because the three countries are all neighbors and connected politically and socio-economically, therefore any climate impact in one country affects others.

They all committed to stand in solidarity with Virunga, to support in any proposed way in order to amplify the voice of Fossil Free Virunga. 

After the discussion around the documentary, people did an amazing photo session with messages on a banner and placards: Fossil Free Virunga, a Fossil Free Africa is the only choice, We stand in solidarity with Virunga, etc. Find more pictures through this link Fossil Free Virunga

The office of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation is very grateful for the support by 350.org and the partnership with the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.


FRIDAY FOR FUTURE 19TH, MARCH 2021 By JPIC,Franciscans Africa


Despite the hit of the 3rd wave of Covid-19, we remain united in action for climate, locally, regionally, and globally. In that regard, the office of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Franciscans Africa in collaboration with members of Laudato Si Generation in East African countries joined the Friday for future global action on 19th March 2021.

The message was clear on that day” No empty promises”. We can no longer believe in what politicians say, while sickness, drought, floods, and hunger are still a reality in many parts of the world, but there is no enough commitment from the governments to prevent or to assist victims.

East African youth got a reason to keep the pressure on their government because it is all about their future. Some governments are still pushing for oil, gas, and coal mining projects while in many developed countries that have been stopped. However, East African governments have shown how possible it is to fight a global pandemic especially during Covid-19, and in a similar way for climate justice, the same efforts and resources can be used to promote clean energy in order to ensure a just recovery.


IMG 5501WhatsApp Image 2021-03-23 at 21.35.08.jpeg

              Espoir scout group in Burundi, Click to view  Blog linkPictures  and Video                                                              SOPRODE DRC/Bukavu link photos


WhatsApp Image 2021-03-23 at 20.07.30.jpeg

Kenya, CUEA Students, Pictures and Video


The countries which managed to take action are Kenya, Burundi, and DRC/ Bukavu. Tanzania which use to do a great mobilization did not make it this time due to the death of President John Pombe Magufuli.

Pope Francis and Gretta Thunberg are our role models, and we congratulate churches’ institutions that have already declared their Divestment commitment. In Kenya, we acknowledge The Catholic University of Eastern Africa for being among the first biggest Catholic Institutions to Divest. Through the Friday for future action, it was an opportunity to call upon again all Catholic institutions even non-Catholics to stop investing any of their money in Fossil fuel, especially Coal.

Though Kenya is in lockdown now, Our partners remain vigilant and in solidarity with victims of the climate crisis, as well as victims Covid-19. May God brings healing to people and the planet.


We shall overcome!

Steeven Kezamutima

Laudato Si Generation Member



December 12, 2020, marked the 5th Anniversary of the Paris Agreement. 

On that day, the office of Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Franciscans Africa mobilized schools for the climate in a virtual poetic forum. Interfaith youth forum is always an important platform for us because it gives space to young people from different faiths to advocate for clean energy. The main goal of the event was to bring together young people in the climate movement to mark the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement and call on the government to demonstrate real climate leadership to stay within 1.5 by keeping it in the ground and not funding fossil fuels.

The young people from different schools and universities presented different poetic items under the theme “We rise again”

The event was attended by the youth from Harmony institute (Muslims), Bahai faith, Youth Network for Inter-religious Brotherhood, Anglican, and Catholics. We acknowledge also the participation of many Franciscan sisters and brothers, and Franciscan youth from Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, DRC, and Uganda as well as the US.

Schools that joined were: Mama Africa, Our Lady of Mercy Ngarariga Girls Sec School, Our Lady of Mercy Girls Shauro Moyo, Huruma Girls, Young Mercy Ecology, The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Tangaza University College.


Key moments

  • Omar Elmawi, a coordinator of the DeCoalonize campaign, a coal resistance movement in Kenya, introduced to young people the historical background of the coal business in Kenya, the movement and strategies, some wins, and continuation of resistance.zoom 1 Moment6


  • Online interaction: The presentation of Omar was very informative to young people and triggered an interesting discussion in the chatbox with questions and responses. Click Here to View Chat Box
  • Rukia Ahmed, a form4 student leader from Our Lady of Mercy Shauri Moyo Girls was chosen to be the guest of honor because she has demonstrated since 2019 her qualities of a climate activist and good young leader. After regretting the failure of our governments to implement the Paris Agreement, Rukia spoke strongly in a very motivational way about her feelings and invited her fellows' young students to keep on the fight.zoom 1 Moment19

She said:“… I feel the pain of the poor and the young generation. Every night I get nightmares seeing the black gases in the atmosphere, no social justice, we are not allowed to talk, the voice of the poor have been ignored…. might be born poor but I have a dream to die rich, but you political leaders make me feel sad because the rich out there are discouraging me because their work is to oppress the poor. To the young people like me, …we are then ones that have energy and gifted enough, let us take action, …you will either be at the table to discuss your future and eat well or be at the menu to be eaten well” Click to Watch Rukia Speech


  • Art-performance: the performances were in form of songs, Poems, spoken words, and motivational speeches.

Everybody tackled the theme of the day from different angles emphasizing the common fight for 1.5C. We can mention the poem “My sight, my feeling” by Mama Africa Sec. School from Nairobi/Mathare, the song we rise by Franciscan Little sisters of St Joseph, and the Spoken word “the journey” by Ericko Raswamuthoni from Tangaza University college, etc.zoom 1 Moment20


  • Striking moment: We had a special moment of lighting candles in solidarity with victims of climate injustice and Covid-19. At the same time participants did an online strike by raising their placards with messages, shouting and chanting, calling on the Kenyan government to focus on its nationally determined contributions to limit GHG emissions by 30% by 2030 by rapidly phasing out fossil fuels. They also amplified the call for a just recovery ahead of the COP26 by urging the government to invest money in renewable energy and healthier and more equitable jobs that take care of the people and the planet. On the same day, a Twitter discussion has been trending emphasizing the same message.@FaithAction_KEzoom 1 Moment33

The event was recorded on YouTube click here to watch

Click here  to view Event Pictures

We appreciate each and everybody to make this event a success, especially the support by 350 Africa.JPIC LOGO 01



As 12th December marks the 5th Anniversary of the Paris Agreement, the world had pledged to cut their emissions and to take climate action needed that will keep the planet at a liveable temperature of 1.5 oC.  However, 5 years later many are failing or putting forward false solutions.
As an Interfaith youth platform in Kenya and Africa, we have been fighting to kick coal out of the country and our continent. As we celebrate this anniversary, young people from Laudato Si Generation Africa members call on our government to demonstrate real climate leadership to stay within 1.5C  by keeping in the ground and not funding fossil. 
Join our Interfaith Poetic Youth Forum and see how talent speaks. Poems, spoken words, songs, and motivational speeches. Mr. Omar Elmawi will share his experience in Decoalonize movement. Rukia Ahmed a Muslim young climate activist from OLM Girls Shauri Moyo Secondary School will share the dream of young people by breaking down the theme of the day “We rise again”
Carry your candle and message on a paper. We shall light candles in solidarity with communities victims of climate change and Coivid-19. We shall raise messages during a striking moment.
Choose a message here: - Keep in in the ground
                                         -Honor the Paris Agreement
                                         - Stop Coal business
                                         - Stop Fossil fuels business
                                         - Yes for Renewables 
                                         - We need a just recovery
Time: 4.00-5.30 PM, Nairobi
Join Zoom Meeting
Passcode: 965312


Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation Franciscans Africa in collaboration with many other partners organized Schools strike for climate on 21st September, 2019 in Nairobi city ( industrial area), Kenya. Children from many secondary schools, primary schools,Franciscan sisters and brothers, university schools, media and teachers. More that 1000 children marched a distance of 4 km with written messages on banners and placards, addressing people who work in industries around the area. They were chanting requesting for a clean environment and clean energy now now and now. The children got opportunity to address the guest who represented the Nairobi Governor and their handed over to her a letter written on 10 recommendations that Kenya government and Nairobi City county should implement.

By Steeven Kezamutima

Rev. Father John Anthony Kaiser,MHM. Documentary

Our Hearts are Restless until we find the Justice 


This Documentary was produced in the way of Seeking the truth about the life and the Death of an untold hero, an innocent man, a human right defender, a man of God, Fr. John Anthony Kaiser

The 5th Interfaith Youth Forum on Environment & Peace


The 5th Interfaith Youth Forum on Environment and Peace was held successfully from 28th to 29th September 2017 at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa under the theme “Connecting the Dots between Human Rights, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals.”

The forum’s theme sought to reflect our determined resolution to blend the environment and peace as the main unifying factors to bring together all Kenyan youths from all walks of life. Several dignitaries from different religious affiliations such as Islam, Hare Krishna, Anglican, and Catholic Church were all in attendance to offer their religions’ viewpoints and inspiration as far as environment and peace are concerned. 

JPIC-FA Joins Call for a Fossil Free World at the Rise for Climate Summit

IMG 20180907 111503


Last week, the JPIC-FA participated in events organized under the Rise for Climate summit that was held from 7th – 8th September at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Lang’ata campus. The summit was one of the thousands observed around the world and it brought together different NGO`s, civil society organizations, religious and learning institutions who came out in a unified voice to demand action from all stakeholders. The goal of the summit was to call and demand that leaders take an active role in fighting climate change and commit themselves to safeguard our planet towards a livable climate. 

Observing the 3rd Anniversary of Laudato Si



On Saturday, 07th July 2018, the JPIC-FA office in partnership with The Damietta Peace Initiative, Mother Earth Network, and the JPIC – OFM CAP organized the third anniversary of Laudato Si at the Franciscan Association Portiuncula Center. The theme of this year’s event was “Reawakening the care of our common home”. The event was part of a series of events that were observed during the week-long EACC - CONCAO JPIC - OFM gatherings with participants coming from diverse national backgrounds all over Africa and the rest of the world. 

Birthday Tree Planting Campaign Launched

Participants pose for a group photo after the launch of the campaign.


ON Friday 29th June, the long-awaited Birthday Treeplanting Campaign was launched at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Lang'ata. The event was graced by students from three partner schools namely; Huruma Girls and Our Lady of Mercy. Others that graced the event were school administrators, Sisters, and Brothers. The event held in CUEA's Missio Hall kicked off at 10:30 am with a word of prayer from Sr. Mary Sebastian of JPIC-FA.


Welcome to our photo gallery, click on the photo to view.

The Justice & Peace and integrity of Creation Franciscan Africa

Following a decision made during the World social forum in 2007 held in Nairobi, the JPICFA begun. The office for Justice, Peace and Integrity of creation (JPICFA) is based in Nairobi (Kenya) initiative and the arm lobbying and advocacy of Franciscan in Africa, following in the footsteps of our Seraphic Father, St. Francis of Assisi worldly renowned for being a mentor of Peace and Reconciliation, the office of justice and peace and integrity of creation was created to respond to peace issues within Africa.

Franciscans in Africa realized that as Religious they can no longer remain ignorant about socio- economic problems and inactive when human and political rights are violated. They reflect on the social conditions and problems that are a challenging in the rapidly changing world today. The JPICFA office is a support to the work of Franciscans.

Furthermore by our call as Franciscans, we are to be the peacemakers it is well seen in the daily prayer for peace that all Franciscan pray and which has become the anthem for peace in the whole world. it concerns width matters of justice, peace and integrity of creation as important aspects to Franciscans and the people they serve throughout the continent.

The office was opened during the time when Kenya as a country  was experiencing the aftermath of tribe clashes and the victims were still refuges in their own country, it was a time that Kenya was approaching the elections and history has it that our elections had system people dead and 650000 displaced persons. The office contributed a lot towards a peaceful Kenya; they joined the like minded partners to organize a very historical healing and reconciliation symposium held in May 2008 in Catholic University Nairobi , the youth forum in Bomas for peace building and reconciliation which the office organized with collaboration the youth ministry office.

Civic Education: The continuously creates a awareness on issues that affects the people of Kenya for example the Lenten campaign is one of the strategy by the Catholic Justice and Peace commission to create awareness different themes. The Franciscan office has taken upon itself to hold seminars, organize prayers around the Lenten campaign period with specific reference to the Justice, peace and reconciliation as their main strength given that the office is Franciscan.

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