The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation,Franciscans Africa(JPIC-FA) is a Regional faith based organization which seeks to promote and nurture the reign of God through conscious prayer and action to transform the world in the spirit of the Gospel through lives of Justice, Peace and Care for our Common home and was established to evangelize and spread the gospel  guided by the teachings and values of St. Francis of Asisi.

JPIC-FA was caught by surprise around October 2022, when Citizen TV (one of the Kenyan leading TV station) and other local mainstream media were a wash with news of herds of cattle dying in very large numbers forcing headers to sell their animals @ 500/- each, something that was unimaginable knowing too well that at normal times, this was after a drought that affected most parts of kenya especially in the arid and semi arid areas in the counties in  northern , eastern and southern parts of kenya.

The outcry from the local communities made a team of four JPIC-FA staffs/volunteers accompanied by three SVD (Divine Word Missionaries) travel more than 60km to Isinya kajiado county where on arrival the team found the ground was rather choking, saddening and unbelievable by finding mountains of carcasses of animals heaped in different positions around the Isinya abattoir , large numbers of birds of prey feasting on the carcasses and a choking stench filling all the Isinya atmosphere and the community converging around in small groups whispering to each other filled with grief and horror for what seemed awaiting for their future.


The JPIC-FA and SVD team had carried small foodstuffs for the local community and after touring the villages led by Pastor William, they concluded that there was much needed to  help the community as nothing was left to sustain them. The drought led to family issues, migration, unemployment, school dropout, child trafficking, depression, early forced marriages and suicides and because of these challenges JPIC-FA joined hands with  other well-wishers to provide food and other basic needs including school fees to school going children of which was not enough therefore thinking of coming up with sustainable projects for the community.

 The initiative helped communities from four villages in Isinya which are Olomunyak Village, Olepolos Village, Reto Village and Ebeneza Village, the food relief program has been done several times in October and December 2022, February and April 2023 and it will continue until the communities are able to sustain themselves.

JPIC-FA is also engaging and educating the local communities on how to start and establish garden farms to help sustain them so as not only depend on livestock keeping, supporting women to venture into small businesses especially art and bead works to be able to generate income and sustain them. And as a way of combating climate change, JPIC-FA has been educating communities on the need for agro ecology, environmental conservation and tree planting.



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