(Empowering the communities  through awareness and advocacy)

On 11th April 2024, our office of Justice, Peace and Integrity of creation franciscans Africa (JPIC-FA) in partnership with the Center for social justice and Ethics-Catholic university of eastern africa and the local communities in Isinya from Reto, Olepolos and Olomunyak organized a charity event  that was held at MCK Olepolos Church.

The whole day community engagement attracted more than 170 people (100 Adults and 70 children) and it  focused on the following key issues that affect the community and especially the young generation.

The activity also acted as a get together for the children and youths as it brought them together from the three villages who actively interacted with the CSJE students from catholic university of eastern africa who took their time to encourage and talk to them about the importance of valuing education and also staying focused in pursuing their dreams and talents.  

pictured :(Participants of the JPIC-FA & CSJE community engagement on 11th April 2024 at MCK Olepolos church isinya)

(Pictured: Dr. Wilkister -CSJE catholic university, Sr. Martina-LSSJ , Fr. Peter Mbaro -CSJE CUEA and Chief Laban Karani the area local administrator during the JPIC-FA & CSJE community engagement on 11th April 2024 at MCK Olepolos church isinya)

  • Advocacy Considering that many young people from many parts of our country don’t get a chance to access the right training and knowledge especially those from the pastoralist communities background Dr. Wilkister, a lecturer at Catholic university of Eastern Africa center for Social Justice and ethics emphasized on the need to engage in community awareness on the issues that face the community related to social justice, human rights and also in the education sector.  

She challenged the young school going children to engage in activities that will build them like engaging in community services, environmental conservation and fights against forced marriage and school dropout.  

  • Ashley Kitisya from Laudato Si movement highlighted the need for environmental awareness and conservation through advocacy  especially through  the ongoing campaigns on fossil fuels non proliferation treaty and the campaigns against the East Africa Crude oil pipeline (EACOP) which will  be the longest heated oil pipeline from uganda to Tanzania and will have a great impact on the biodiversity, climate and humanity. The project also  will have so  many social impacts including the social injustice that has already started to be experienced such as displacement, Low compensation, forced eviction and pollution.

(Showing solidarity with communities and civil societies in eastern Africa who are affected by the ongoing East africa crude oil pipeline-EACOP construction in Uganda to Tanzania) 

  • Fr. Mbaro also urged everyone to  believe  in themselves and that they can make the change they desire by working together towards a common goal in education, environment and in the society.

  • Human trafficking awareness With the growing cases of human trafficking that has been experienced  targeting youths and children. Sr. Martina -LSSJ and Steeven Kezamutima shared on the importance of creating awareness to the young people on the impacts, forms and challenges resulting from human trafficking. 

(top: JPIC-FA programs manager (Steeven Kezamutima) facilitating human on trafficking awareness, (down) interactive engagement during the awareness creation.)

  • Giving hope the students from the center for social justice interacted with the childrens who are still in primary and secondary schools from the community to give the hope encouragement in their studies so as to work hard and stay focused inorder to bring change to the community after their studies. This will generally uplift the community and help in addressing the challenges they face through  innovation, Literacy, Entrepreneurship and education.

  • Food donation

As a way of sharing with the community the we donated foodstuff, Stationeries and other essential needs to the communities, the students from the center for social justice and ethics generously donated  Sanitary pads , clothes, shoes to the children and the youth who participated in the empowerment and advocacy training and the Center for social justice donated a wheelbarrow, pangas and jembes to the JPIC-FA laudato Si community center.