On Saturday 8/6/2024 we attended an interfaith festival at Hare Krishna Temple located at Ngara, a festival which was hosted by the Hindus.

This is an festival that happens every year in their calendar , this chariot festival is always an public procession with deities Jagannath, balabhadra , and subhadra and Jagannath weapon on a ratha wooden shaped where it is taken out of the temples to travel with the devotees where it gives each and every person opportunity to receive lord jagannath blessings and it is believed that it always rains to show blessings.

The festival teaches about importance of diversity and inclusion where people come together from different parts of the world to celebrate and it’s not only the Hindus but any denomination, the blacks ,the whites hence showing unity. It also shows the virtue of love that even in our busy lives we need to find time to shower our loved ones with unconditional love , through offering food to less fortunate , sharing the little we have with the neighbourhood and also through prayers