The JPIC-FA TOT(trainer of trainers) training

The office of JPIC-FA together with the Luadato Si’ movement organized a Trainer of trainers training (TOT) as a way of celebrating the 8th anniversary of the encyclical letter Laudato Si by Pope Francis. The training brought 27 people together from different faiths and denominations  from all parts of the country including representatives from.

  1. Christian
  2. Muslim 
  3. Bahai 

The training also had members from the Catholic university especially from the Center for social justice and ethics, The laudato Si ’movement  and Justice , peace and integrity of creation, Franciscans Africa  (JPIC-FA) and Harmony institute.

 The three days training was on Right based approach, Social and climate justice, Laudato Si, catholic social teachings and Agro-ecology a training that focused on goal setting, expectations,Fears and dreams, the work of climate justice (causes and justice ), Our faith Say on Laudato Si and Catholic social teachings, personal ecological conversion and agro ecology.

  Food security was a key topic that was facilitated by Brian Odero from Haki Nawiri organization and the main areas he focused on were the  source of the food we consume, the methods involved in production, who are the  producers and the type of the food either ordinary or genetically modified (GMO). To add on he demonstrated on how to establish a carbon bed for the kitchen garden and how to control pests and diseases without the use of pesticides.

The training also provided enough time for personal connection with God and Nature as open masses were celebrated that gave people a chance to share what they learnt and their goals and resolutions after the training .

Many promised to carry on with the franciscan and Laudato Si mission of caring for the poor and the earth, Sharing the knowledge with fellow community members/ churches and families, engaging in responsible waste management, Setting kitchen gardens to address the issues of food insecurity and taking care  of the environment  by planting trees during the commissioning ceremony.Photo Ops